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Rental reservations are accepted and encouraged to hold the RV for your trip. All RV rentals are a two day minimum (sometimes more). The most cost effective way to go is by the week (7 days). Weeks run a weekday to a weekday like a Monday-Monday or Friday-Friday with an afternoon pick-up and a morning return (less a 3 hour time difference). You can go for longer or shorter periods of time but a week is the most cost effective. Delivery and pick-up are available at an additional cost.

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Questions? Please see our frequently asked questions page by clicking HERE or contact us!


RV travel & campground guide for all of North America: CLICK HERE
Suggestions for U.S. scenic road trips: CLICK HERE

Who may be interested in renting an RV?
Tailgating party
Football game (including children’s game)
Baseball game (including children’s game)
NASCAR races
Hospitality vehicle
Concerts: (Philadelphia Folk Festival, Creation, Bonnaroo, Firefly)
Party on the way to the destination
Parent to take child on a camping experience
Grandparent to take grandchild on a camping experience
Fishing & Hunting
Family reunions
Don’t like flying
Need a bathroom when traveling
Transport people who need to lay down when traveling
Transport elderly or handicap person (if they can get up the steps)
Dog owner, Dog show (stay at the show)
Church event (conference, youth group camp out)
Temporary housing on site (house fires, flooded houses, major house repairs
Town fair (for special groups performing)
Music group (changing area for a performance)
Radio station (broadcasting at remote site)
Organization (Ambulance Company at fair)

Who may be interested in renting a Van or exotic car?
Wedding (bride & groom, wedding party, transport guests)
Luxury transportation (casino, play, sporting event, function, charity event)