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Truck Camper Rentals

Rental reservations are accepted and encouraged to hold the RV for your trip. All rentals are a two day minimum (sometimes more). The most cost effective way (cost per day) is to go a week (7 days) or more. Weeks run a weekday to a weekday like a Monday-Monday or Friday-Friday with an afternoon pick-up and a morning return (less a 3 hour time difference). Shorter rentals are less expensive than a week, but are not pro-rated (the shorter the number of days rented, the higher the cost per day).
Truck Campers are NON-SMOKING & DO NOT allow pets.
Penalty for smoking or pet is $500 in addition to the pet/smoking fees.

Vehicle requirements:
Always check your trucks owner’s manual or vehicle dealer for towing and load capacity (contact us if you still need assistance). Truck campers will fit an 8′ bed to 6.5′ bed (with tail gate removed). A tie down system must be used to secure the truck camper to the pick-up truck. Your tow vehicle must be equipped with a trailer electrical connector, a round 7 way RV connector or a 4 way flat connector. If you only have a 4 way flat connector we do sell adapters, however, you will not have 12 volt auxiliary power to charge the battery if equipped. We do sell and install tie downs and electrical connectors.

Universal tie downs are available to rent at $5.95/day + $148.50 (7 day minimum, 14 day maximum)

We currently have no truck campers for rent.

This page updated 5/19/17