Car, Truck, & Van Rental Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located at 440 Lehigh Street (Route 145) Allentown, PA 18103

What kind of vehicles do you rent?

We rent Passenger vans, pick up truck, SUV, and luxury cars like Rolls Royce. You can see our full rental inventory on our website.

How much does a rental cost?

Prices fluctuate based on season, vehicle, availability, and amount of time. You can contact us via phone or email for prices.

How do I pay for the rental?

All of our rental rates quoted are based on a discounted rate for paying cash or check. We also accept all major credit cards however paying by credit card will void the cash or check discount. We do require a major credit card for an imprint for security. We do NOT accept prepaid cards for the estimated rental charges or security deposit. We do NOT accept checks at departure (unless it is a certified bank check); all checks must be paid 2 weeks prior to pick up. For a payment method to qualify for rental it MUST bear the customer’s name that matches the driver’s license. Renter must also have a valid credit card or debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo at departure for security deposit. The cardholder must also be present and listed on the contract as the primary renter or additional authorized driver.

Do you supply a driver with the vehicle?

No, unfortunately we can not supply a driver. When you rent the vehicle you are renting just the vehicle itself, you would have to supply your own driver, see below for restrictions and insurance responsibilities of the driver.

Are there any driver restrictions? 

You must be between the ages of 21-75 (25-75 for 15 passenger Van) and possess a valid driver’s license, major credit card, and carry current automobile insurance. Temporary licenses are not accepted. All drivers must be present, listed on and sign the Rental Agreement and will be bound by Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement at vehicle pick up. There is a charge for each additional driver.

Is there any coverage provided with the rental?

No, Driver’s must have insurance with full coverage (collision and comprehensive) that is transferable to the rental vehicle and are required to supply a Certificate of Insurance listing: Mike Ziegler’s Motor Home Rental, Inc. as Loss Payee if requested.

What if I don’t have full coverage insurance that transfers to the vehicle?

We do offer a Renters Collision Protection with a $250 deductible which is $29 per day plus tax which can be applied to some vehicles. If the Renters Protection is not available on a specific vehicle, and you do not have transferring full coverage insurance, you would not be able to rent that vehicle.

What is the cost of mileage?

All vehicles will have an estimated mileage charge that will apply to your rental. Each vehicle will come with some “free” mileage per day. This can range from 50-100 miles per day included with the rental dependent on the vehicle. All additional mileage will be at a mileage rate of .29¢ to .95¢ per mile dependent on the vehicle. At the end of the rental you will be refunded for any excess mileage charges or be charged at the regular mileage rate for additional miles in excess of the estimated mileage.

What deposits are required? 

Upon confirmation, we take approximately a minimum 1/3 reservation deposit (sometimes more) as down payment. This deposit will be applied toward your rental charges. Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to departure. A credit card imprint is taken at departure as a security deposit of $1,000. Debit cards without a Visa or MasterCard logo are NOT accepted. Cards will not be charged until return unless otherwise agreed upon, all extra charges, if any, are balanced on the credit card imprint used for security deposit if not paid by due date on final invoice for extras.

Do you deliver and pick up?

Yes; Delivery and pick-up are available at an additional cost. Delivery is $99 + $4.95 per mile ($119 minimum). This is based on one way using Google maps quickest time. It would again be the same additional cost to pick it up after the rental.

When can I pick up the vehicle? 

Departure time is normally Monday – Friday between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM or Saturday 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Saturday pick up is the same price as Friday afternoon. If picked up before 1:00 PM an additional day charge will be incurred and you can pick up the day before for the same price. Sunday and Monday morning pick ups are not permitted.

When can I return the vehicle?

Drop off time is normally between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Returns after 11:00 AM may be subject to an additional day charge or late return penalty. You may drop off on Sundays, or before we open, or after we closed if reserved as such.

What if I return the vehicle before the date it is due?

No refunds will be made for early returns or late pick ups.

What if I am late in returning the vehicle? 

The vehicle is overdue after the time listed on the rental agreement on the date of return and may be subject to an additional day charge and/or late return penalty. Please notify us if you will be late in returning.

Can I make a change to a reservation? 

We are happy to make some changes to your current reservation; however the change may require a rate adjustment based on current rates in effect at time of change. Changes are subject to current availability. No changes will be permitted to a reservation once the cancellation deadline has passed. The person that made the reservation must be present at pickup and possess a valid credit card and driver’s license.

What if I have to cancel my reservation? 

In the event of cancellation the reservation deposit will be credited towards a future rental within a year, except, the reservation deposit will be forfeited if canceled within 30 days of schedule departure date. Cancellation within 7 days prior to schedule departure will result in the total rental fee (less mileage charge) forfeited to Rental Co. regardless of Renter’s reason(s).

Are pets allowed in the vehicles?

No, Pets are not allowed in any of the vehicles. If a pet is brought in the vehicle there is a $500 penalty.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

No, all of our vehicles are non-smoking. If evidence of smoking is found there is a $500 penalty.

Is there a limit to how many people can ride in the vehicle?

Due to insurance regulations there MUST be a seat belt for every person (regardless of age).

Can I tow behind the vehicle?

Some vehicles are equipped with a receiver hitch. Customers must declare intention to tow prior to departure and warrant that the towing weight is within the tow weight restrictions of the vehicle. A towing charge will be imposed. We do not provide any collision or liability coverage for damage to the towed object or for third- party injury inflicted by the towed object, under any circumstances.

What if the vehicle breaks down or there is an issue with it?

We have an emergency contact number to assist customers to help get them back on the road as soon as possible, or help with an issue incurred.

Is the customer responsible for any maintenance of the vehicle?

The customer is responsible for checking fluids as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.